Mayhem 2009 is History

Super time! Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN: God Forbid, All That Remains, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Bullet For My Valentine, Job For a Cowboy, Killswitch Engage, and SLAYER! Absolutely impeccable weather for a second year in a row, and a metalfest with 24,000 screaming fans, three stages, and ten hours of rock and roll. Reeked of second-hand smoke, sweat and mud, but had a ball. Thanks for a great time to Mark and friend, Austin. Made me feel young again.

P.S. When Cannibal Corpse started their hit single Evisceration PLague, I was in the field across the parking lot, and came running to see them. Mark and Austin were already on the edge of the pit. This was an amazing band, captured live by someone else at the Indy show here.

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