Looking Up at Crystal Chandelier with and w/out Flash

Daydreaming on my bed near the footboard, looking directly up and imagining this 110 lb light crashing down on my face, I snapped a photo of the chrome, clear bulbed crystal chandelier. Then I took another photo with the flash and got this vivid gold hue (top photo). Looks like a different light. The flash is white light. Not understanding anything about the physics of light and prisms, I will simply attributed the gold glow to startled dead spirits from pergatory channeling through my bedroom light. I hope they don't come after me. I'm harmless. I said that five times out loud so they'd hear me. "Red eye" for a chandelier. I gave it the stink eye before I re-cased my camera and skidaddled out of the room.

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White Ford Falcon said...

Curious... I think about things like this too. We have two large ceiling fans in our family room that hover more than 10 feet off the floor. If one of these babies gave way, it'd be disasterous. Hope I get some warning before the plunge.


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