Knockout Roses in Front of House

I rember when these Knockout Roses were the Rose of the Year in, approximately, 2000 by the American Rose Society (of which I am a former member, back when I sported a more thorny thumb). It was on the cover of their national magazine. And now, a few years later, the rose has shown its value. Resistent to pests, no need staking, blooms all season, and over-winters well. I think every suburban neighborhood in American has these roses-- and the patented grower is a multimillionaire now, I read somplace. A knockout, indeed! They are trimmed back as in this photo now, but wait until late July--I'll snap another picture then, when they are lush and full and bursting out over my front sidewalk. Springtime is here when the Knockouts bloom.

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White Ford Falcon said...

Sweet - I;ve seen these at a friend's house near his mailbox. A delivery guy ran his mailbox down and he ended up having to deeply prune his knockout rose back last year.

This year, the rose is back like a weed... they are amazing! I need to get me a couple of these babys and plant them in my backyard.

Will be sweet near my patio.


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