Japanese Lilac Tree Shows Me Patience

When we moved to our current house 3.5 years ago, I had this Japanese White Lilac tree planted in the front corner of the yard. It was big enough to require a tree-digger to plant, but it struggled. I watered and prayed. Slowly it yielded the promised white lillacs in early summer as thin wisps at tree top. This year, through a combination of good rain, a sunny location and my patience, it has bloomed prolifically. The abundant white flowers smell like summer.

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White Ford Falcon said...

She is a beauty --- I have a couple lilacs in my yard too. One is a typical bushy one an the other is more of a tree veriety.

As you noted, they seem to be slow growers, but in the springtime they are nice to look at and the smell is natures perfume. I could smell one of them as far as my driveway, which is a fair distance from the planting.

Take care of it - a little mulch around the base will help it. Just don't put too much, or it'll die.


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