I Can Seeeee You!!


White Ford Falcon said...

A funny (and a little creepy) purchase... very lifelike as comapred to Charlie McCarthy (who was also a little creepy).

Haven't you seen enough horror movies where these seemingly harmless dolls turn on their owners...?!

That's probably why he was in traded into the surplus store.

I can see it now... after laying their dearly departed to rest (mysterious and gory murder), the prior owner's next of kin cleans out the attic.

Surplus store owner finds the blood-stained doll amongst the pile of new inventory and washes him up for sale. A new-to-the-area local, thinking the doll is 'kitchy', unwittingly purchases him and brings him into his home.

I'd be sleeping with one eye open, dude!

coolkayaker1 said...

Ha ha. If he comes alive, I'll walk away; he'll have to drag himself along the carpet by his chin.

Funny, man.


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