Chicks N Salsa Glen Ellyn, IL

The minute my wife and I stumbled onto this Glen Ellyn, IL gem after shopping at Dominick’s Supermarket next door, we knew we had something of significance. Most Mexican fare is slathered with refried beans and melted cheese. But Chicks N Salsa was different—all super fresh ingredients (even the salsa is homemade and served at a “salsa bar”), no filler, with made to order burritos and chips. I always get the chicken burrito, which is hot and tasty, never runny, with cilantro and rice and fresh veggies. My wife gets the signature Baja fish burrito, a touch of southern California in IL. We drive a dozen miles each way—as we did yesterday—just for Chicks N Salsa. Owner Cindy lived in SoCal and has brought the freshness to the Midwest, served in a sunny storefront. Appears we’re not the only ones to stumble on this super healthy fast-food; it’s profiled here on Chicago news video in the link below. You go Chicks N Salsa!


cindy said...


Thank you for your review on Chicks 'n Salsa. As the owner, I sincerely appreciate your input and value all of my customers' comments. I am continuously educating my customers on what makes Chicks 'n Salsa different from other restaurants, especially the "Mexicsn Grills." I am an independent owner, not a franchise, and work very hard at continuing to grow my business as well as expand my menu to reflect my customers' needs. I sincerely thank you for your support.
P.S. I also am a kayaker....having lived in So. California I had many trips out and around the bay area, as well as Catalina Island!
Cindy, Owner Chicks 'n Salsa

coolkayaker1 said...

Cindy--You rock! Amazing that you found this on the internet. For what it's worth, I meant every word I said about your fabulous restaurant. I'll stop you when I eat there next and say "hi". I tried, by the way, to write a review for you on, the #1 internet review website. Your restaurant was not (as of six months ago)on there. Pleaqse add it if you can, and I will gladly write a wonderful and truthful review. Thanks again for wonderful, filling and wholesome food.


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