American Science & Surplus

Spent a gorgeous Dad and son weekend and who could resist stopping at American Science and Surplus on Roosevelt Road. What a unique store full of everything one could imagine: corks, bottles, flasks, beakers, toys, balls, the works. We even picked up a cool mascot, Jellybean, who spent a former existence as a medical training doll, but now limbless is cared for lovingly at our place. We wre so smitten with him we had to venture out to Meijer's at midnight to clothe him. What a spectacular weekend.


White Ford Falcon said...

Get this dude a social security number and you may have somethign here... tax write off.

In fact, might be able to get disability payments to boot!

Sweet idea... I'm going to look for one myself.

coolkayaker1 said...

Obama will help with the disability "jackpot" with surplus tax dollars.


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