Totally Vegging Out to Elecric Light Orchestra

After a truly full and exhausting day today (see post earlier), I am so full I could bust, and I am sitting here in my red chair--skivvies and t-shirt-- listening to ELO's Out Of The Blue. What a full and rich sound, long before digital enhancement. This LP--and that is how I originally owned it, on a giant, pull-open album jacket with photos inside and out--is beautiful. A space opera. The last album before ELO imploded with plodding, drum-machined filler for the rest of their career. This is the magnum opus for ELO, a band too tame for hair metal retro radio stations, and too esoteric for retro pop stations. Throw a spindle on your copy.
Tomorrow, a 30 minute run along the south Fox River with iPod while Cath sleeps, then shower up, and we bike to Mike and Vic's riverside home for breakfast. Thank you!


White Ford Falcon said...

This is a most excellent album. In fact, I am fairly certain that it is MINE... or was at one point. I know, I know, posession is 9/10ths of the law, so I have no case. I can hear Judge Judy cackeling now.. "why'd you wait 30 years to bring your brother to my courtroom".

Seriously, a great album.

coolkayaker1 said...

Ah, we remember it differently, young Jedi.



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