Ran along Fox River south of Geneva

Got a great start to my day, 0645 ran down by Island Park and the river, sun coming up. Here is a shot looking back toward the Herrington Hotel by SteelyDan online, an innovative biker who took his bike (looks to be a folding bike based on one of the shadows in the photos), Metra'ed it out to northwest suburbs, biked 40 miles through some fabulous towns (particularly Elgin, St Charles, Geneva and Batavia) and took a diferent Metra line back to Chicago. Nice photos, SteelyDan.
I am obligated to write an article for my local newspaper, due this week and I have little written. Spent last night catching up with my NJ brother by phone (super always!), this afternoon I have a high school graduation in tiny St. Joseph, IL to attend. Then it's sprinkler change day in my entire building tomorrow. ugh!

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Julie said...

a nice photo with inviting water. thanks for your comments on my site. I am so glad that the photo brought back good memories of your time visiting and hiking in Arizona. You do remember the Camelback Mountain trail well. And yes a challenge and risk to hike at night. I will try the Mummy mountain trail. I have never hiked Mummy Mountain and did not know about the trail. I do go the Camelback spa though!


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