Slipknot Peoria 2/2/09

Yes, I survived "the pit" at SlipKnot Peoria, Illinois. Opened with Trivium and didn't watch a lick of Coheed and Cambrium (yuck!). My son is a Maggot in the Slipknot fan club, so we and about 30 others got lead into the bowels of the auditorium for a meet and greet and photos with Slipknot members Chris, Clown, Sid and lead singer Corey. Very impressive. Fully costumed, about 20 minutes before show time. Super heavy show. Super company in my son, Mark. Earplugs helped, and got some A&W en route home. Super fun! Here's a scene of the mayhem on the floor (by this time we were all sweatted out and climbed to safety in the rafters. Peoria, Illinois rocks!

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