Chili's Restaurant

When Chili's first opened locally, perhaps a dozen years ago, I was smitten with its spicy mix of foods and vegetables. It had Fiesta-ware style china, and a down home Tex-Mex attitude that made even a fajita seem fun. Well, I reluctantly ate at Chili's on Randall Rd the other day with my wife; she still digs Chili's. The meal, although tasty, simply seems dated and old. What was once interesting is now, to me, tired. My firecracker talapia, served on a plank, was hot and well cooked and went down smoothly with a 27 ounce Budweiser. It just did not have that "zing" that once would have had me choosing Chili's above most other dining fare. We all age. And so do restaurants. "Been there, done that."

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