Balloon and Mist

A lovely photo from my brother Mark in New Jersey. He's a budding photographer.


Anonymous said...


I just read your blog and found a pic of your Valley 3-piece.

I like to ask if I may use one of your pics for my website



coolkayaker1 said...

Hi Marcus: Sure, I see that you;ve used it and thanks for the nod. I enjoy your write-up and used it before I bought my kayak. I think, other than cost, that 3-piece kayaks are truly wonderful. But the cost, and the weight, are issues. I personally love my sectional. Thanks again for loking, Marcus.

coolkayaker1 said...

Marcus--for completeness in your blog on sectionals, it should be noted that Nimbus makes a three peice. And of course, perhaps one of the longest standing makers of sectionals is Easy Rider:

Your Contact button does not work and no place to post on your great website. You really should write and article for Sea Kayaker on sectionals, given your knowledge and proclivity. The only think I will note is, my Valley, with an extension wrench, takes no more than 10-12 min to put-together,and anoher advantage to bolts is sturdiness; the clips tend to fail, and when thye do it is the hull that fails, too. Derrick at kayakquixotica suffered this fate. Not so good if one is 2o miles from help. (But us bolters need to carry a spare wrench, for sure.


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