Tommy Bartlett = Family

I went to the Wisconsin Dells with my family, including a wonderful visit from brother and sister-in-law and their great kids from New Jersey, this past summer. It was glorious trip. Lake Delton was drained of its water from a natural disaster of the dam letting go in the springtime rains, and like a drain plug being pulled in the kitchen sink, the entire lake drained in a matter of hours. But even with this spartan backdrop, we ventured up to our lakeside hotel, and enjoyed our first all-family holiday since New Hampshire/Maine 2005. We saw the Tommy Bartlett Show, The "world's greatest show on H2O." Only no H2O this year. But Tommy Bartlett (well, he's actually gone to higher waters now) and the gang made it a fun show, even if it was only a vestige of its former self. Stage only. Aqua the jet-skiing Clown just wasn't the same on the lunar backdrop of the dry lake. But family makes everything fun. Everything.


Pam Warden Art said...

We did an Art Show at the Dells...drove around, sad, really sad. But I guess they've got the plans to get the water in again so maybe next year. You are so right, family makes it all better.

coolkayaker1 said...

Hi Pam--I read today, SUnday, in the Chicago Tribune that the dam is fixed, and at a rate of six inches per day, the water is coming back in! The lake shoulde be full again by the end of January 2009, i.e. in a couple of weeks!


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