New Year's Day 2009

Plenty of shopping and projects this past week, soon to be over as salaried work beckons with its hollow ring. Got some new lights put up and managed not to shock myself off the aluminum ladder, and shopped at Home Goods, Lowe's, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby daily. Ended up having some custom lights installed by The Lighting Brothers in Lombard, and they are incredible--photos will follow, particularly the kitchen and bedroom. We enjoyed the wind-up to New Years Eve the night before with Cathy and Linda for margaritas at Sergio's Cantina, and then nightcaps at Chris and Jason Cellini's Old Towne Pub on State Street in Geneva; the place was packed for the Illinois game on Tuesday night. What a totally redone, better than Cheers, friendly and comfortable space. Great job, Chris--our pleasure to meet you and your place will be our launching pad for all fun nights out this sprigtime and summer. Will check out Jason at your second location. I will do a full review soon of the pub for tripadvisor and post it here. Linda, you're tons of fun, thank you. You are sweet and kind and will share many future memories, including outdoor bands at Old Towne this summer.

Spent New Year's Eve with some great new friends in Geneva, including champagne and fabulous food (rosemary chicken, stuffed clams, hand-made chocolates, the entire gambit!) and spirits. We thank Dave and Alexia for being superb neighbors and hosts in their joyous condo, and enjoyed meeting Victoria, Mike, Nick, Linda and Jay. What a lovely set of friends. Victoria from Sweden (welcome) and Mike bought themselves some sea kayaking this summer with their enthusiasm for the sport--and from their new Bennett Street house on the Fox River, kayak launching should be a piece of cake. Then brief sleep and New Years Day home-cooked steak and eggs breakfast at Linda's place accompanied by Nick and Mallory, which was, in a word, killer! Thank you for a couple of days that will always be remembered.

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