Guitar Lessons

I am thrilled for my son, Mark. He has found an absolutely superb teacher for guitar in Sean from CV LLoyde in downtwon Champaign. Sean is not only a metal music fanatic and in his own band, he is truly a remarkable speed metal guitarist. That alone does not make him a great teacher, but a wonderful teacher he is, too. Some people have a knack for motivating others to follow their lead. Organized thought and comunicating "the process" is quintessential. I will say, not only for my teen Mark, but also for me, the evening weekly guitar lesson is something I look forward to. It marks the middle of the week, and Mark goes to a tiny music studio in back because the music store is closed, so I can sit for a little over half an hour in a cozy alcove with chairs and collect my thoughts, pull out my planner and prepare my task list, and simply stare at the guitars on the wall. All those lovely guitars.

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