R's Bakery and Family Restaurant in Morris, IL

My wfe and I were traveling on Route 47 on Xmas Day and there was little, other than convenience stores with day old hot dogs, open--until we came over the highway and spotted a truck oasis with R's Bakery and Family Restaurant in Morris, Illinois packed to the gills with cars in the lot. In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king--I know. But hey, it's open so we went. Kitschy interior with hanging stained glass lights and a couple chandeliers, very homey feel. Indeed, even today, it was full of truckers. It has that "elbows on the table" feel to it, but we ordered a salad bar trip along with complete turkey dinner (we opted out of the Ethel burger at 4 lbs of ground beef and if you eat it all it's free) and it was scrumptious: plenty of thin sliced turkey, potatos, stuffing, and medley of overcooked veggies. Juicy gravy, but not slathered on too heavily. A hugemongous portion, actually--trucker worthy, certainly. We could have split the thing and been perfectly satiated. There were some families, but mostly road weary travelers, as this place is at the Route 47, interstate junction. The store attached to it had everything from wiper blades to beer, so this is a must stop if you are on the roll. I would recommend this oasis for those needing gasoline, to pass gas, and to replentish the gizzard. Not bad. Not great either, though.

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