Sunset Lake

This former quarry is now a county park and is less than 2 miles from my house. It has very deep and pristine clear water. Warm and clean and ideal for practicing self-rescues, paddle swims, braces and rolls. I spent some time here with Guinness this past late summer, and often paddle it alone. Clean water is becoming increasingly rare across the USA, and the Midwest is no expection. It is a pure joy just to be on--and in--bathtub clear water.


Anonymous said...

No kidding about the lack of clear water in the Midwest. The heavy ski and wakeboard boats have turned the little 70 acre lake we live on to a MUDHOLE! I'm not going to stay here long; I plan on living either on a large lake that can handle it, or just out in the country or in town and "cartopping" to the desirable lakes!

P R Motorsports SuperSport said...

I found your blog completely by chance via a kayaker's thread where you'd posted the link to this.

I was researching kayaks, and have decided on an Aquanaut (still not sure LV or regular) and was also trying to figure out color scheme. Seeing what you did with yours, I'd have to say that in all my searching on the net that it's the most gorgeous boat I've ever seen, bar none.

Can you give me more details, and would it offend you to have a twin boat in New Zealand?


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