Sectional Valley Kayak

The sectional kayak by Valley Sea Kayaks is new to my stable as of summer 2008, and I must say, this Aquanuat LV model is a winner! Paddles like a charm, with just the right blend of rocker and beam. I find that the sectional design has, on about four paddle trips so far, eliminated my need to strap the 17 footer to the roof racks; instead I just slide the entire boat right into the bed of my Avalanche, and on one outing with Bruce, directly into the back of my conversion van. The black over carbon Kevlar with clear gelcoat is mighty pretty, too. This is the third boat I have purchased from Ryan and Geneva Kayak Center on Bennett Street, and had to be custom manufactured in Nottingham, U.K. before being shipped in a carton to the Americas. Worth the wait.

What are the black bags for the sections, you ask? Traditional $10 Wal-Mart nylon sleeping bags.

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Cool Yak!



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