Lotus Flower

This is a nice shot from summer 2008 when I had the pleasure of paddling Lake Vermilion in Danville, IL with Lenore and Gay. The shot was taken by Lenore and is from her Impex Montauck along the north side of the lake, just before the inlet river. For about 1/2 mile, the water winds through some thick growth as it funnels to the river, and this is where the motorboat traffic diminishes and the wildlife, particularly birds, becomes common. The day was gorgeous, high in the 80s, sparkling on the water. We made it all the way up the river until it was only about 20 feet wide, and we found a shady shoal under a paper bark tree to take a break before turning back. A glorious day on the water with two super paddling friends.


g said...

What a beautiful photo. So serene.

Kelly said...



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